Perfect Host

Whether it’s a cocktail party for 40, or an intimate dinner for 4 – the Perfect Host is always on point. Discover gifts that will elevate entertaining.


Give a slice of smokiness

Caffeine Obsessed

Whether you are shopping for a coffee lover, espresso aficionado or tea time loyalist, Breville offers automated and hand-crafted perfection to savour every sip.


Give a gift that’s scented

Kitchen Pro

For the home chef, the gift of Breville simplifies the path to culinary perfection. Invite them to unwrap new possibilities.


Hide and seek surprise

Health Nut

Food-as-fuel is deliciously simple with tools to juice, blend, air fry, dehydrate, broil or steam. Find what fits their lifestyle.

Ultimate Snacker

Grabbing a bite on the go, for the kids after school, or a family movie night – this person has a snack for every scenario. Feed their creativity with the hottest tools of the trade.

Pastry Perfectionist

Give tools to whip, mix and bake delicious cookies, cakes, bread and more. If you’re lucky, they’ll let you sample their tasty creations.


Hide and seek surprise